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Based on what you are saying she needs clarity and boundaries. This means consistent handling with no grey areas.

Use a crate.

Crate her at night. No sneaking on the bed. Eliminates the entire bed conversation.

You must be consistent with boundaries and training including your own.

When you tell us this dog places himself between your daughters and other people, you are describing a confident dog. The rest of what you describe sounds like guarding, not protecting. There is a difference.

You need a knowledgeable pro to help you understand this dog. This is not a Labrador or a Golden Retriever. You need to understand what you have and what you need to do.

The problem is, she’s that way towards me also. If I’m wrestling or chasing them, she’s on me nipping at me and barking. If I just go into their rooms, she’ll follow me and has that look like “don’t think about getting close to them...”
This has to stop. The dog sees you as aggressive and dangerous and does not trust you. If the dog bites you it is entirely on you although the dog will pay for it with his life.

Again, you need to know what you have and it is not a Labrador or Golden Retriever.
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