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Aggressive 9 month old dogo argentino

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Hello, i have a 9 month old dogo argentino, Beau. He has been sweet and gentle to people and other dogs until recently. He is suddenly very aggressive towards strangers especially all men. He snapped multiple times on the behavioral therapist. He has not bitten anyone YET, but we are now forced to keep a muzzle on him. He has been timid from the start when we got him at 5 months old. He has never been aggressive towards myself or boyfriend... any advice?
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You have a guardian hunting breed who is approaching maturity. Issues with strangers are not surprising.
Are you sure he is a Dogo? Edit to add: i ask that because its common to see people think their large white bully breed mix is a Dogo and in typical behavior traits of a pit/bully type are different than a purebred dogo. What might be guarding behavior in one could easily be fear aggression in another. Or, I presume a Dogo that doesn't have the desired temperament for the breed could also be showing fear aggression.

What training methods have you used?
Do you know his parents and grandparents temperament?
What does your behaviorist suggest?

Keeping people safe is the first priority while you work to figre out what managment and training may be beneficial to you. A properly fitted muzzle, worn under supervision, is a good start. Assess your fencing, your door opening habits, etc for any risk of a stranger encountering your dog unsupervisor.
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