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Aggression Problems

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I have a 1 yr old rescue mutt( Male, currently unnuetared, Shar pei, mastiff, gsd mix) and an 8 year old rescue mutt (Female, spayed, pitbull mix)

Recently my male has been showing severe aggression problems, on the leash, in the yard, to all strangers, birds, squirrels, other dogs.. etc you name it, if it doesn't live in his house he wants to eat it. This is especially a problem because he weighs over a hundred pounds and is still growing.

He is very bullheaded and strong willed and once he is engaged in anything he will not stop, not even for highly prized treats. Getting his attention is impossible. He knows commands, but even calm and one on one he will not listen, or even sit unless he sees the treat in your hand.

In the house he does fine with our female and they get along well, surprising well given her background and his current behavior. However, they do get into fights over food and when he is harrassing her - excessive sniffing, pushing, mounting etc.

Aside from all over the world this he is a good dog, he is not destructive, or Ill mannered towards me or my children. He also shows no food aggression towards me or my children and has never even growled towards us.

He is due to be nuetared soon, which I hope will aide in his stubborn behavior and make training a bit easier, but I am desperately seeking any help I can get on this matter, tips, tricks, guidance etc.
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shar pei /mastiff says alot... and being 1 year old transitioning from silly puppy into young adult when you see their breed traits . I don't consider dogs stubborn, more not interested. My Caucasians are not big on ball games, you may get a couple of interactive moments of engagement lol but it's not what makes them happy or sustainable for training reward , soft toys with squeakers I can milk them a little longer. They begin to change around 7 months old as well. mine are still intact 2, 4, 7. I don't feel altering would of changed their breed traits.

Managing real life for safety ,, and stay the course of Being consistent with your training in non or over stimulating control training environments that you an be productive in OB skills getting and holding attention. Some dogs love to learn skills through (games that have rules) others can learn through daily life skills (structure) sit before fed, getting a leash on, how to enter and exit the house , a room, your vehicle.

If there are triggers that cause fights and scuffles then 100% remove the triggers, feed separately, put up baby gates or crates when they are not behaving appropriately in the household . Dogs respond to structure, to rules. and they go through many phases and changes getting to adult hood when petty puppy, young adolescent things are no longer important to them to react to them. ..
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