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First I'd like to start by saying that the puppies are fine now. Yesterday we took them to the vet. We took them to my friend's vet where if its your first time as a patient, your visit is free (with the exception of medication). The vet said that nothing was wrong with them other than the've been eating way too many earwigs and they can't digest them properly. They've also been put on dewormer as a precaution.

Now to the point of this thread.

Recently Gizmo (chihuahua mix) has been lashing out at my older dog, Kodi.

About four days ago, Kodi walked by Gizmo as he was eating (just passing through) and Gizmo attaches himself to the side of Kodi's face growling and snarling and of course Kodi bares his teeth and tries to shake him off.

It baffled me. Gizmo has NEVER done that before. EVER. We seperated them and my mom and I just looked at one another.

Then yesterday it happened again, not once but twice! Once while Gizmo was eating and another when Gizmo was on my mom's lap while she was on the recliner and Kodi went to go see my mom.

Now Gizmo isn't aggressive with people. You can go up to him while he's eating and pet him on the head and he doesnt care. But with dogs it's another story.

I made it a point to socialize the puppies as soon as I could with other dogs and people but Gizmo simply can't stand other dogs. I'd like to say that this doesn't happen all the time and Kodi and Gizmo get along fairly well just not when it comes to food or getting attention.

We plan on getting Gizmo fixed so will that help? Is this dog aggression or a dominance issue? I've never had a dog act like this before so I'm really at a loss.
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