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Our sweet 4yo Golden suddenly started attacking dogs last summer. She had previously been playful and friendly with every dog she encountered but our vet thinks her new aggression may have been triggered by having been attacked by my sister's two dogs when we visited her home. She's never bitten another dog but has gone after dogs that she previously had played with. We have been working with her: keeping her away from other dogs while walking, making her sit and using treats and calming words when another dog is in the vicinity. She's been responding well but then went after a dog she had previously played with when they walked by our house this morning.

Would it help to reintroduce her to this dog in a controlled, and calm manner? I wonder if we can get her past her knee-jerk response to attack she may get over her aggression toward him. We have another dog in the neighborhood that she loves to play with so we aren't sure where this random aggression is coming from. Any help with training would be appreciated! She is really a sweet, loving dog and we are so distressed over this awful behavior.
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