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I asked another question but hate when people pile 30 questions into one thread.

GSD = German Shepherd Dog

Recap: My GSD is 9 months old. Found a lab puppy that is about 3-4 months old. Every since I got the puppy, he seems to chase the puppy and growl when he gets right up on it.

The thing that concerns me is that dogs rough play and they show each other who is dominant. I am cool to monitor them and make sure the puppy has more people time than dog time. The puppy is actually at another house. However, since the new dog arrival, my GSD has changed.

I went to the dog park yesterday, and he was chasing other dogs like normal. But when he would get up on them, he would growl and somehow they would fall over and then all was good. Some dogs walked away with their tail between their legs. He never hurt the dogs and I kept a keen eye on my dog. It seemed almost like a dog who was showing who is boss.

I have spent hundred/thousands of dollars socializing my put at a dog day care to learn to play nicely while I am at work. I don't understand why the social change.

Is this something I should be worried about? Ways to fix if it is?
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