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Aggression in a 2 dog house

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Hello everyone. So I have 2 dogs only about 1 year apart in age. My female is the oldest at almost 2 and my male at almost 1. When my youngest came in as a 4 month old puppy, my female was very loving and cared for him and play spared gently with him. He got older and bigger and of course as expected she became more aggressive to show her disinterest. Just growls and snips. I can't remember the very first fight well or what started it but it has gotten more common and aggressive lately. If I see body language or a circumstance that indicates they may fight, it is easy to distract them or deescalate the situation before they fight. If they lock on though, it is very difficult to separate them, but it can be done with out any misdirected aggression toward me. Today they fought with no prior tell it was about to happen. Im sure there were subtle signs I missed but it was calm in the house. Im so tired of the fighting and the constant having to look over my shoulder every time I move to make sure the environment is zen enough not to worry about a random brawl. Suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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I hope you do get suggestions that can fix this for you. I have a similar situation - two Rottweiler bitches. The one would be friendly if she could. The other would kill her if she could, which means the times they got into it at least only one was being aggressive. The other was just trying to get away.

So I live with at least two baby gates between them at all times. I'm fortunate that both are very respectful of gates, but if I leave home one stays in a metal crate in addition to the gates separating. They go outside separately. It's a PITA, and I have to be very careful, made mistakes a couple of times when this first started that ended with ugliness that was very difficult to stop. As a friend remarked, I'm lucky that the aggressive one isn't very good at it and has never done a lot of damage, but she was worse with every encounter.

Now I'm obsessive about checking the location of one before letting the other out or into different parts of the house.

I know a lot of people don't want to deal with it and rehome one, and I'm not critical of that solution at all.
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