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Afraid of Puppies?

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I took Molly to a dog event yesterday where there were a variety of dogs, some on leash and other off. All the dogs, probably 15 total, were mellow & well behaved & Molly had fun meeting several different dogs, including a huge Newfoundland. However, when a tiny Shih Tzu puppy moved towards her, she shied away and wouldn't go near it. No more than one moved toward her at a single time so I don't think she was overwhelmed with the number of them. These pups (5 in all) were tiny fluff balls & not making much noise. Is it possible she didn't understand that it was another dog coming towards her? They did look very "gremlin-like" and so I was wondering if she wasn't sure what it was.
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Most dogs easily recognize other dogs. However, many adult dogs don't know how to deal with the body language of puppies...
Yeah, this. Kinda like how dogs don't quite know how to deal with toddlers or infants, but can be fine with older kids. The way they move, the smell, and body language are all different with puppies, and some dogs are just - not sure what to do with that, and therefore want nothing to do with it.
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