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Hello. I thought that this was really weird, but maybe it's common:

I purchased a Blink brand home camera system. It turns out that one of my dogs becomes highly stressed out whenever he is in the same room as a camera that is operating in IR night vision mode. There is no coincidence here, I have seen it several times, and even did some of my own testing. Somehow, he is either able to see the IR light, or the camera makes some kind of ultrasonic noise that he can hear when it operates in IR mode. Whatever it is, it frightens him terribly. He even went out his doggy door one night when it was raining rather hard, and sat outside in the rain rather than be in the same room as the camera.

I have simply disabled night vision on the entire system, and I just won't be able to use that feature.

I am asking strictly out of curiosity if anyone else has experienced this, or knows anything about it.

Thank you to all who take the time to reply.
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