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Advice please

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I am new to this forum. I currently feed my dogs Answers Raw Detatiled food. It comes frozen. Sometimes, I wonder how well the freezing process has been maintained during shipping and storing because sometimes the food is off in appearance, color, or texture. I really like Answers and my dogs do too, but I am wondering if it is safer to feed them a freeze dried brand so I don't have to worry about the food spoiling prior to me buying it. I get extra nervous and have even changed suppliers or returned the product when it seemed too frost-bitten or off. Is freeze dried just as good as the frozen raw brands? Is there one you would recommend?
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If it is shipped frozen, in a cooler or insulated box with either dry ice or ice packs, and is still cold to the touch when you receive it, it is probably fine to feed. If you have any concerns otherwise, you need to contact the company
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