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Advice on Fitting Ruffwear Webmaster Harness?

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As a present to myself I just bought the Ruffwear Palisades pack that I’ve been eyeing for a long time. Renegade is also about to turn two in a couple months and I thought it was a good time to have him get used to the harness and backpack and then get him started carrying a little weight.

The saddlebags are detachable from the harness so the first order of business was to adjust the harness and start to get him used to it. The straps are now (mostly) adjusted correctly but it looks a little odd to me. Most pictures I see of dogs wearing it, it seems like the big part of the harness extends farther down the sides and length of their body. I can’t decide if Renegade’s looks too small or not. I ordered a medium because the widest part of his rib cage measured at roughly 30 inches around which definitely falls into the medium category of the sizing chart. I’m worried if I order the large that the straps would be too long. Especially in the tuck area.

From doing a quick search of the forums, I know that a few members have/have had the webmaster harness and I was hoping to get some advice on whether it looks like it fits him okay or not. And also on whether I have it positioned properly. I’ve never fitted a harness like this before and I can’t decide whether I think it’s right or not.

How tight should it be as well? I heard two fingers underneath on the side of the dog, but I was able to slide four fingers under the side and the bottom part of the tummy/tuck strap was too tight(especially when he was laying down) so I loosened it a bit.

I’m going to (attempt) to attach a pic of him wearing the harness.

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Looks fine to me. My dog has a similar harness (almost the exact same thing, same brand, the backpack just isn't detachable) and it fits him almost exactly the same. He has a deep Collie chest, though, so he has a bit more room there.

For tightness, I went by if it was sliding around, it was too loose. It should be pretty snug.
The only other main thing I am concerned about that I forgot to mention is the chest piece and chest/shoulder straps. The chest piece currently fits fairly snug and the straps have an inch or less of adjustment slack to them on each side. As they are now, they’re fine. He’s going to be 2 in January so I know he’s done growing skeletally but I always hear that dogs fill out from 2-3 years old. I just have no experience with the degree to which they do. All the other straps have a fair bit of adjustment room left in them.

I’m probably honestly just overthinking everything because I tend to research things too much before I buy them. And I finally bought this one and then was worried I got the wrong size or something. :rolleyes:
Depends on the dog. I got my dog's harness when he was around 1 year old. He turned 2 in July, and he hasn't outgrown it. I've had to adjust a few times, but that's because he got too many treats....
I ordered Mesa one of their harnesses, too. By their measurements, she should take a medium. It fit her just like your picture, with the straps almost fully extended. Since she's a puppy I sent it back and ordered a large. I'm much happier with the large. It goes further on her back and isn't as tight across her chest.

The straps do have a lot of extra material. I've put on a rubber band to hold the excess in place and haven't had a problem.

This is her in the large. She weighed about 70 pounds in this picture.
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A two year old GSD? He could definitely still fill out.

This is my bitch at 14 months.

2013-3-16 Dogs 202 by Rosemary Elwell, on Flickr

This is my bitch at five years.

2017-9-8 CC110 baseline Leo Left by Rosemary Elwell, on Flickr
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I would go with an L if it's still an option. Given the fact that he is two and the harness is at it's max, you might need to change it anyway. While he might not grow, is the sense that puppies do, his body will change for sure and there is no wiggle room.

I am also a bit concerned with the fact that the strap behind his front legs is very close to his elbow. I feel like it would make it a bit uncomfortable for him, especially if he's running.
This is a medium on my girl.
Thank you all for the advice! I’ve decided to exchange it and get the large. There’s no adjustment room in his chest which is a place that will probably fill out as he gets older. I’d rather not risk it being too small or uncomfortable. The whole fit also feels a little small to me. Rogers crossed the large fits right and the last strap doesn’t go too far down his body! I’ll try to post a pic once the large gets here and I get it fitted.
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