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Hi all! I recently adopted a 9 month old lab/australian shepard/other mix. She is full grown at about 40 lbs and has been doing well adapting to our home. She gets along with the cat, and spends most of the day sleeping.

I take her out regularly in the backyard (every 2 hrs or so) and for a leash walk at least once a day. However, she never goes to the bathroom. Generally, she only pees/poops once every 24 hours! Once, she went 2 days without anything! I took her to the vet, and he said she is fine and healthy. However, she has recently had a couple accidents. The first time, I walked into the kitchen for 2 minutes, and she pooped in the living room. Today, I went grocery shopping and came back to another accident.

I have tried crating her, and she wants nothing to do with it! I have tried feeding her there, putting toys in, treats, leaving the door open, etc. pretty much every trick I have read online. I have tried confining her to the kitchen, she was not happy with that either! Generally, when I leave her out, she spends her time sleeping on the couch. She never barks, until I put her in the crate/kitchen. I would try the tough or out method, but I live in a townhouse and can't be bothering the neighbors for hours.

So how do I potty train a dog who barely goes potty??

Any ideas or suggestions are GREATLY appreciated!
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