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Sounds a lot like how my poodle boy was as an adolescent. He was just always turned up to 11. A few things helped:
1. Bedtimes: being overtired only made it worse. If you popped him into a dark, quiet crate when he was really wound up, usually he'd fuss for a minute then flop over and fall sound asleep. (Mind you, we'd spent a bunch of time on crate training when he was a puppy, so he doesn't find crating upsetting.) He didn't want to sleep because there were so many fun things to do and so many things to investigate, but as soon as he was in a quiet boring safe place like a crate, he'd just crash.
2. Sit on the Dog: The Sit on the Dog Exercise • Canine Life Skills
3. Redirecting the energy: puzzle toys, games like hiding treats around the house, frozen stuffed kongs, working on a new trick, etc. all could interrupt his "busy" behaviors. (I actually found I had to limit "fetch," though, because he'd get obsessive about it and that would make him even more amped up - so it depends on what your dog finds engaging but not invigorating, I guess?)
4. Making sure he was getting plenty of mental and physical exercise.

Following several months of that, he's learned to settle on his own now without having it "enforced" by a crate or command. He's actually resting next to me right now. Much easier to live with now and I'd say he's happier.
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