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Hi :)

Weve recently got a new puppy, Shes 16 weeks, The rescue centre we got her from said she was part house trained... But im having problems!

Shes 'paper' trained & will go to the toliet near the door (Even if there isnt paper if shes desperate), But i cant for the life of me get her to go outside, she will happily play in the garden, but even though i put her out everytime she goes to the toilet in the house she just wont get it. Never even had a dribble in the garden!

I have a 7 year old dog, so have done the house training before... but it was a long time ago & dont remember it being this hard.

Im not expecting her to be fully house trained at this age, but a little progress would be good lol.

Just wondering if anyone had any tips/advice?!?!

Thanks x

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Welcome and congratulations on your puppy!
My philosophy is to PREVENT accidents at all costs! :) That way, you are attempting to not let the pup ever get in the habit of having accidents, or thinking going inside is ok.
The way to prevent accidents is often boring and time consuming: keep the puppy in your direct sight 100% of the time they are awake. Think of it as following a human baby around as they're learning to crawl because you have to make sure they don't get into anything dangerous.

So, any time any of my pups would stop what they were doing, like playing, or napping or whatever, I would follow them around to see what they were doing. If it even seemed like they might need to pee/poop, I'd take them out, because it's better to be safe than sorry. If they DO start peeing, interrupt her with a noise, and rush her out to finish.
And, also, take her out after she wakes up (even from a nap), after she eats/drinks, plays/exercises, and about every 1-2 hours besides that. Don't wait for her to ask to go out. You set a schedule and take her out. Remember that, at her age, she doesn't always know she has to pee until it's too late to hold it. That's all because she doesn't have full physical control of her bladder yet.

So, basically, keep her in your sight at all times, and take her out even if she hasn't asked, every 1-2 hours. I always think of it as preventing accidents and being proactive. It takes a lot of time and work, and disrupts your own routine sometimes, but, it doesn't last forever, and the more you can prevent accidents the better, as far as her getting the idea where the right place to go is.
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