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Advice for house training in a high rise

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Hi all!

I am getting a new pup next week (bulldog yay!) and had a question on house training. I know the basic principles of crate training, etc but my situation is such that I live on the 30th floor of an apartment building. I am wondering if, as a puppy, using wee wee pads and/or my balcony is something to consider since it takes several minutes to get from my apartment, elevator, etc to a potty area outside.
Any advice would be much appreciated.
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Since bulldogs are on the larger side of the "small breeds", I wouldn't suggest a potty pad for long term solutions... as a puppy sure. I'd suggest something like this - Real Grass Dog Potty | Puppy Pee Pads | Fresh Patch even in to adulthood, because, especially in the morning where they've really gotta go, a several min. walk downstairs can be too long. I'd put the grass pad out on your balcony, and just use outside for walks, not necessarily a potty place.
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