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Hi Everyone!

Last week, my poor French Bulldog Mia was rushed to the ER after having a severe allergic reaction to a bee sting. This was her second time being stung, both times she had stepped on the bee while playing in the grass at the park. Luckily she recovered well and is doing much better!

After our check up appointment at the vet, we got her an EpiPen and protective booties for her paws. I also watch her closely whenever I let her out in our backyard.

I was wondering if anyone who has had a pet with a bee allergy has any advice on how I should keep Mia safe while still ensuring she has a happy life. I appreciate our vet very much, but she mostly had very negative things to say and I have not felt any sense of relief. I haven't walked her since this happened as I am so worried about her safety. Are there certain times of the day I can walk her? Are there seasons when bees are less frequent? Do I really have to avoid all grass for the rest of her life? Thank you!


P.S. Our vet also recommended seeing a specialist for Immunotherapy to help Mia build immunity to bee stings, has anyone done this for their dog before and has it worked well? Thank you!
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