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Advantix 2

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Luke used to be on Promaris and it worked just fine. He would, at first, roll to get it off, but then after that he was just fine. Well Promaris has been disconnected for some reason and now after doing some research (and asking you all too, thanks for the help!), I've decided to give him Advantix 2.

But now he's really scratching. I always check for fleas, ticks, and nothing is there, thank God. My mother thinks maybe he has a mosquito bite, but Advantix 2 is supposed to keep mosquitoes away, that's one of the reasons I chose it.

So what else do you think it could be? I forgot to ask our vet this when he was taken for his annual check-up, but I could always call back. It's not constant, the scratching, but it's enough to make me wonder what's up.

So did your dog do this too? What else could it be?
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I use Advantix and really like it,but I have heard that all of these products can irritate some dogs that are sensitive to its ingredients.Maybe he´s allergic to something in it?
The thing is,when they are allergic to it,they dont just scratch where you apply it,they scratch all over,because the skin absorbs it and it works on the entire body..meaning that´s where it will also irritate them if it doesnt agree with them.Ask your vet and see what he/she thinks just to be sure :)
I use Advantix 2 and it seems to work very well for fleas and ticks but I can't say it seems to do much for mosquitoes. On the other hand, my dog never seems to have any itching related to mosquito bites so either they don't bother him or it does work and I only see them buzzing near him but not landing.

The itch of a mosquito bite should go away quickly so if the itch is lasting, I'd be inclined to look for another cause. Like Gina says above, it could be a sensitivity to the medicine itself or it could be completely unrelated (something like plants outdoors for example)

If he seems to have sensitive skin, you could try a multi-purpose oral medicine like Trifexis.
Gina--thanks, I didn't know that although it seems obvious.

Shell--thank you also for answering. I will look that product up.

I will definitely call the vet and see what's up then. Go figure if he's allergic to this since he's bad with taking shots. Does anyone know any flea/tick medication that doesn't involve a dog having sensitive skin?
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