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Adult Husky Peeing All Over!! HELP

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Hello, I am new here, and have tried searching the site with little luck. I have an adult (5years) male Full Siberian Husky. We adopted him when he was 2, from a Husky rescue, and have worked a great deal with him, considering he came from a violent home. We also had a Full Yellow Lab, who passed away last year:(. Well, about 6 months ago, our Husky began to pee all over the house at night while we are in bed. We didn't change anything like feeding/watering, letting him out, or anything to disrupt his schedule. We both work, so he is home alone most of the day, which never was a problem. During the day, he doesn't go in the house, its only at night. I just need some help to curb this problem. We always clean the messes with our carpet extractor, but do we need to be putting something down on the floor so he won't go, or is there something we need to do to stop the behavior with him?? Thank you for any help, Lenny
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Sorry about that! Maybe others will have better suggestions. All I can think of is to start over, as if you were housetraining a puppy. Crate the dog when he is not supervised, etc. Does your dog have free roam of the house at night? If so, maybe have him confined with you in your bedroom?
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