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Adult dog shivers and eats carpet when i leave

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Hello there,

I adopted an adult shi tzu last summer and he was always fine being on his own while i gone to work, never chewed on anything, never did anything wrong, slept the whole time. Last week, he started to shiver when i took my purse to go to work. He did that all week, and then on Friday, when i came back home after work, he had chewed up a HUGE chunk of my carpet! He has many toys that he doesnt seem to touch while i'm gone including a kong full of treats that he only starts eating when i come back home after work. I also take him for a 30 min walk in the morning before leaving and 2 more walks in the evening. I dont know what's happening? Nothing has changed in our every day lives, i dont get it. Why does he shiver like that when i leave, makes me so sad to see him like that but i dont know what to do or why he does it. Any ideas/suggestions? THANKS!!!!
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You say nothing has changed in your everyday life (with your dog), but what about when you're not home. Perhaps there are changes you haven't witnessed yet. However, a vet check would be where I'd start - make sure it's not a medical condition.
Seconding this. Medical first, then start contemplating what's going on. This time of year things like lawn mowers and weep whips come to mind. Also more people, dogs being out, etc.
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