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Adult dog seems afraid of our new puppy

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Just looking for advice on how to get my new puppy and my adult dog to get along. It seems that my adult dog is afraid of the puppy, which Im sure is because the puppy is in her nipping and jumping stage. My adult dog never had any problems getting along with other dogs, so this came to a shock to me to see her retreating from the puppy. It's been a little over a month now, they seem to be getting a long a little better, but my older dog still jumps up on higher places to the puppy can't get to her. Is there something I can do to help the process along. I totally understand that my older dog has been the only one for 5 years and now there is a little one invading her house. She need some advice. They are both shih-tzus. My older one has always been calm and quiet, the puppy not so much...lol Oh and when they do bark and somewhat play, my adult dogs tail is always wagging, so I know she's not upset. They are both girls as well.
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Puppy getting time outs when she's too much for the adult dog will go a long way. Dog needs to know you have her back when it comes to being tortured by puppy! Did this when Bucky the brat came here and in almost 3 years zero squabbles. Ginger knows she's safe if she comes to us and learned how to literally scrape him off by running under furniture. He knows that enough is enough and go get a toy when she objects to his bounces. So we will get Ginger on top of us and then hear Bucky growling and pouncing on a toy.
We always have Coco's back (the adult dog) I've tried using a spray bottle on Pebbles (the puppy) and it doesn't faze her. The thing is Coco will jump on a chair or couch to get away, but her tail is still wagging. We picked up the puppy and seperated her from Coco, but she still doesn't get it. The thing is Coco doesn't yelp when being nipped by the puppy. So frustrating lol
Avoid the spray bottle or other scary/uncomfortable things. You just don't want to risk the pup associating ucky feelings and scary things with interacting with your other dog - that could certainly escalate matters! I would just read up on dog body language, particularly 'cut-off' or 'calming' signals (illustrator Lili Chin has some wonderful charts showing these!). Then, whenever you see your adult dog giving a lot of 'leave me alone now' body language - especially if the puppy isn't respecting it! - gently and calmly remove the pup to a playpen, crate, or behind a baby gate so they can both take a break and calm down.

Older dogs will often give young puppies a 'puppy license', meaning they'll tolerate a lot more pushy and obnoxious behavior from them than they would older dogs. That does mean we have to be a little more observant to teach the puppy boundaries, and to teach the older dog that, as Kathyy says, you've got their back.
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Yes, I put the brat up when he was annoying Ginger. Never punished in any way, he was penned with a little treat for a nap or time out. It isn't his fault that Ginger doesn't like roughhousing and roughhousing is a perfectly acceptable way to play so long as the other party is fine with it. Much like a puppy he would commit that doggy crime or pick up a not toy if he wanted a break as he didn't understand how to nap out of his pen when he came here. 2 years old and unable to chill out. Hope your little ball of energy figures out how to settle down before she's grown!
Oh, thank you, I was told by a behavioral trainer to try the spray bottle, but your right that does make sense not to use it. I'd rather do positive reinforcement! I will start to separate them with a gate or use the puppies crate, thank you for those suggestions, I appreciate it.
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