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A family I babysit for has been looking for a shih tzu to add to their family for a few months now. I just took their new puppieS to the vet today for them...

they got two littermates.
the puppies "turned 8 weeks old today" (they got them yesterday).

The vet agreed with me that they were probably closer to six weeks. Small dog owners, give me your opinion (almost all my foster puppies have been large breed mutts)

canine teeth and one other back tooth were protruded. All other incisors were peeking through the gums, but definitely nowhere close to descended.

Both puppies were absolutely COVERED in scabs. Their nails had obviously never been trimmed so maybe SOME of those are due to playing... but multiple huge bloody scabs and dermatitis?


I thought I gave them enough information and links to health stuff, ect that this wouldnt happen. I've gotten some nasty fosters, but the sheer number of flea bites on those tiny babies was heartbreaking.

on the upside, they do not (currently...) have en/ectropion and their heart and lungs sound clear.

Any suggestions, since the deed has already been done? The family is so sweet... I'm just so sad that it turned out this way.
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