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adopted lab potty troubles

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i adopted a 1 year old lab from a no kill shelter about a year ago. i was sucessfull with crate training and she has become a very loving dog. i no longer lock her in the crate while i am gone, she is either outside or sleeping on the couch/bed. My problem is she doesn't have the ability to hold her pee for very long, especialy being 2 years or older. also, she doesn't give any noticable signs she has to pee. she will sometimes lay down in the hall way and look at me, but this is an activity that she does often, no only when she needs to pee. we don't know her past before we got her, but we do know she was abused, she is afraid of most men, especially tall ones. she is spayed, any help?

i will soon be moving, and in the futur be traveling alot with this lab, i would like to train her in a way where she could hold it for 8 hours and give good signs when she needs to go.
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What do you mean by "very long"? If she needs to go out every hour or more, she might have a UTI, so I'd schedule a vet check.

As for wanting your dog to signal when she needs to go . . . I've found that some dogs signal and some don't. My friend's dog will go and stand by the door, but my older dog doesn't. He will respond if I ask "Do you need to go outside?" If he does, he runs to me.

I'm not sure if eight hours is always a realistic expectation. Cupid can hold it overnight, and he sometimes holds it while I'm at work (although I have pee pads available just in case). But otherwise, he goes every three or four hours. That's just my experience--others might have other opinions.
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