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Adopted dog from SPCA yesterday, couple of questions maybe someone can help?

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We adopted Sadie, a black mouth cur yesterday 3/23/12. She was spayed Thurs. (3/22/12) and it said on her papers she is very shy/skiddish. Since she's been home with us (about 30 hours) she has only eaten about a handful of food, she has not drank anything today, she only had a few sips of water yesterday. She's a yr and a half old. The paper the spca sent home with us said a decrease in appetite is normal..just not sure how long is normal and why she isnt drinking. She pretty much just lays on her bed all day..i'm hoping this is a mixture of new home/surgery. But I am really worried about her not drinking..and not eating too, but mostly the not drinking. Any tips/advice is greatly apprecitated!!
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First I would like to say congrats to ur new adoption! N second I think she will b ok once she gets used to everything and starts to warm up. Do u crate her at night? If so, try putting a bowl of water in with her and see if she drinks any while she is in there and nobody is around. Or if you happen to leave the house for a little while, even to just go out in your yard for a little while, put down a handful of food and water and see if it has been touched when u return. Everything is still brand new to her so I would just give her some time.
Congrats on your new pup!

She's ok, we just got Emmett a week ago and he didn't want to eat much either. we have to sit with him for him to eat, he's getting better though.

If it will make you feel better, give her a little bit of peanut butter, it's like doggie crack!
I think its the same with nearly every puppy - when we brought Loki home he wasn't interested in much, just slept and stayed under his blanket. After a few days when he felt safe he was out playing, eating and training well. I would say just give him time, like any new situation it takes time to get used to. In a few days he wont want to leave your side :)
Granted my guy was way younger when we brought him home from the SPCA (8 wks), but it was also the day after his neuter, and it took him about a week before he'd finish a bowl of food before the next meal, and maybe two weeks before he'd finish it in one go. He didn't drink much water at first either, but he did dump his bowl over every chance he got. 6 wks later he's like a vacuum at meal times! He definitely was pretty mellow for the first few days, now he's a monster!!! (Ok ok, a hyper puppy, same difference?)
It's normal for a dog to need time to adjust. And Sadie has two things to adjust too, a new home & surgery. When I adopted my dog, he was just neutered also. I'm not telling you this to worry you, but make sure his tummy isn't swollen or puffy around the incision. My dog stitches opened up inside & he needed another operation to close them. I was lucky that I caught it. It's not common, but just watch her. Most likely, she is just adjusting. Just encourage her to drink her water, I wouldn't worry about the food, she'll eat when she gets hungry.

Congratulations :)
I agree with pretty much everything above. My puppy didn't really eat much when we brought her home it took her a few days to really settle. All I will say is try to encourage her to drink her water, it's really important that she stay hydrated. If you become more worried you could always ring a vet to ask advice, it's probably lots different but when my cat had an op we had to gently syringe water into his mouth to keep him hydrated otherwise he wouldn't drink at all, sometimes when we couldn't get water into his mouth we would add a small amount of water to his food which he ate no problems. Finally, congratulations on your new dog!
I adopted my dog 2 weeks ago and he didn't eat for like 3 days and now he eating fine. We thought it was something wrong but he needed to adjust to his new home. He was very shy and wouldn't do anything but lay down and sleep all day. Everybody thought it is was something wrong with him. Now he walks around and runs to the door when someone knocks and he just started to bark. Congrats on your new dog.
For the first couple weeks my dog wouldn't drink any water unless I was touching the bowl. 3 months later and he still wont drink unless I'm in the room with him LOL.

Good luck with your dog!! :) :)
Different dogs react very differently to the stress of changing homes. Nothing could ever touch the appetite of my dog, but her reaction to living in a home with me was to drink buckets and buckets of water for the first couple of weeks. It got to the point that I was ready to test her for diabetes, but it began to taper off before I actually did. 3 years later she still drinks more than an average dog, but it's not out of control and it's normal for her.
How about a picture?! I'm not sure there's anybody on here with a BMC!
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