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Administering Supplements

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I need help trying to get some supplements into my 10 year-old-bichon who's been diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma. He had his spleed removed. I'm trying to prolong his life with various supplements which are designed to stop angiogenesis. I've tried mixing it with his food but he got onto this trick very quickly. I've resorted to filling a syringe and forcing them into his mother. He fights this tooth and nail and it's very upsetting to both of us. The real problem is that I need a second human to do this and that is not always possible. Can anyone suggest another way to get these supplements into him?
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Pill pockets, cheese, yogurt, peanut butter, anything that's not normally in his bowl. I also place my cats - dogs are all too large - in my lap with head facing away from me, when I am trying to give them pills. This keeps them from being able to back away. I also try to give them a treat after the medicine process so that it's not something totally unpleasant for them. Good luck finding what works for you.
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