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According to the bag of Science Diet Advanced Fitness food that my 55-lb, 1.5 year old Afghan-hound mix eats, he should get 3 cups per day but I should adjust for treats.

I have no idea what to make of this. I gave him a large Nylabone Healthy Edible (roast beef flavor, if that makes any difference) and he ate half of it. I have no idea if this means I should reduce his dinner. How can I know how many calories and fat are in things like bones and chews?

I'm in the process of training him, so I feed him about 3 small hard Milkbone biscuits per day, plus maybe 6 small soft chews (from what I assume is a quality brand, since a small bag cost me almost $20).

Should I just keep feeding him 3 cups of food per day, or should I feed him less to account for the occasional Nylabone Healthy Edible chew and other treats?
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