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Has anyone ever been told their dog has ADHD or Anxiety? I have a 15 lb mutt, there is min pin, Jack Russell and a little chihuahua - so she's basically the most hyper dog ever in the history of the world. We love her more than anything, but she can be a lot to take, constantly jumping, begging for attention. If we are petting or playing with the other dog or one of the cats, she immediately runs over and tries to push her way into whatever is going on. If she can't, she will growl and get a little aggressive...she's never acted on it, and I am 99.9% sure she never would. She also will visibly tremble and whimper until she is included. Anyway, last vet visit I mentioned all of this and the vet said to treat her for ADHD and Anxiety. She gave me some "doggie prozac", and even though I hate giving my pets medication, I have been giving it to her. It's taken the edge off, but barely. Does anyone have any experience with this type of thing? What meds or holistic treatments did you try, and did they work?
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