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rash in armpits on a Pomeranian....help

Hey there guys and gals, my girlfriend's 7 month old Pomeranian developed a rash in his front armpits about a week ago after she put a little t-shirt on him. I first assumed it was an allergic reaction to the detergent used to wash the shirt, however, it has been getting worse...it started as superficial dermititis but after discontinuing the shirt, bathing him and not letting him get close to my other dogs, it has been getting progressively worse...now it looks like dried scabs and redness. My GF has been putting on hydrocortizone daily with no effects.

Here is a pic of the rash.

Any ideas what it could be? Thanks.
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I'm not sure what it is. Like Pepper, I suggest a vet visit. Good luck to you and the pup! Poor thing--that rash looks painful.
i know i have to eventually take him to the vet....but spending $150+ on it is not on my to do list right now...money is tight. I am trying to look for alternate ways to treat it....or maybe someone out there has the same experience and could tell me what it is so I don't go blind into the vet (it will save me some tests).

I don't think the rash is painful because he still is very playful and rarely does he scratch it.
Hopefully someone else can chime in if they've had a similar experience. It's just difficult to pinpoint the cause of a rash. Several years ago, I tried to treat a skin issue with some ointment someone recommended, and the issue just got worse. A phone call to a vet might net answers or at least help you to eliminate possibilities, and you could avoid the vet visit charge.

In any case, I'm glad he seems energetic, and I hope the rash goes away quickly.
If it's getting worse with the hydrocortisone cream, then I would discontinue that treatment. If it's some kind of bacteria, the steroids would be making it progressively worse. If it were just some kind of a rash it should be getting better with the hydrocortisone.

Just my $0.02.
Money is tight for alot of us now. If you are in good standing with your vet a quick call may help. Just explain the situation, no harm in calling. my vet is really understanding and will tell you things to try and what to watch for before medical intervention is needed. Good luck and hope things work out.
i would find a vet that will take small payments ask the humane society if they know of anybody. my dog was chewing his skin due to fleas and was red and bumpy so i put a thick coat of Vaseline on it and it helped. i used the Vaseline a few days and it finally resolved. Or you could try antibiotic ointment. but i think the thickness of what you apply matters cos then they won't chew it and it protects it stays on longer.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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