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Adequan experiences?

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I was wondering if any of you have had to or chose to try the Adequan shots for your dogs? What was your experience?
My Lab mix is 13 1/2 and arthritic. (in the pic) He was also recently diagnosed with Lymes disease which was caught very early and being treated with Doxy for a little over a week now. He is on Glucosamine with Hylouronic acid (sp) supplements but it seems he needs something more. I have researched the internet and it seems there are no side effects. I am certain that we are going to move forward with this but curious to know how it has helped your dog.
Thanks in advance
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Thanks so much for your input everybody. Im glad to hear they are positive experiences. We are hoping for the best. He had his first injection today and he is going to be getting them twice a week. My vet said she normally has people report improvement after three weeks. Will keep you posted.
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