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Adequan experiences?

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I was wondering if any of you have had to or chose to try the Adequan shots for your dogs? What was your experience?
My Lab mix is 13 1/2 and arthritic. (in the pic) He was also recently diagnosed with Lymes disease which was caught very early and being treated with Doxy for a little over a week now. He is on Glucosamine with Hylouronic acid (sp) supplements but it seems he needs something more. I have researched the internet and it seems there are no side effects. I am certain that we are going to move forward with this but curious to know how it has helped your dog.
Thanks in advance
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My Cara gets Adequan injections when she needs them. She has been on them for about 5 years, I guess. She responds well to them. I only take her on for one when she gets noticably stiff or sore, which happens in cold or damp weather, so she usually goes the whole summer without one and in the winter, gets one every 45 days or so. And I notice her moving better almost immediately.

I have been giving her yucca powder lately (ground yucca root) and she hasn't needed a shot for 6 months, but I've noticed her looking stiff lately, so will probably get her one soon.
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