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Adequan experiences?

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I was wondering if any of you have had to or chose to try the Adequan shots for your dogs? What was your experience?
My Lab mix is 13 1/2 and arthritic. (in the pic) He was also recently diagnosed with Lymes disease which was caught very early and being treated with Doxy for a little over a week now. He is on Glucosamine with Hylouronic acid (sp) supplements but it seems he needs something more. I have researched the internet and it seems there are no side effects. I am certain that we are going to move forward with this but curious to know how it has helped your dog.
Thanks in advance
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I work for a vet and we have treated many dogs with Adequan injections. Most dogs respond extremely well to it. Owners have told us that their dogs quality of life is greatly improved. I have seen for myself the great improvement in mobility in almost all the dogs that have be treated with the Adequan. I will tell you however that it is not 100% percent effective but darn well is close to it. Keep us posted on how your dog does on the injections.
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