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What's your experience going from 2 to 3 dogs?

Right now we have our 14yo male, who really does nothing but sleep, eat, and go outside twice a day (and bark at nothing outside). He's been having problems walking for a while now.We also have a 16 month old, she wants to play with our other dog so badly but he won't have any of it. We've had issues with her barking at guests but we've been working on it and she's improved a lot in the last month, and it really hasn't been that much of an issue anymore (I posted about her).

The 'puppy' still gets crated when we are away, they both sleep in our room (typically she starts on the bed then jumps down), and she's extremely attached to me. She's leash reactive, but other than that, she's been around other dogs (free) and all she wants is to play with them. We babysat our friend's puppy a few times for a few days and they played together all the time - but she still slept at my feet when she needed a nap - it's been a good 6 months though since that happened.

I suppose that I have to be realistic and that in this instance, even if we do get a dog now, we won't have 3 dogs for very long. But in your experience, how should we go about it? Is she too young still? I don't really want a small puppy and having to go through housebreaking again, but a male younger than 4 year old (and older than 6 months/neutered if possible). I see so many dogs on Petfinder that need homes, and I keep seeing dogs posted on Craigslist as well... I'm a bit wary about Craigslist... bonus is that it's not as difficult as dealing with rescues, I'm just not sure that I can trust the people there about whether their dog really is kid/dog/cat friendly (I have a 17yo cat and 10yo kids too, although the cat mostly lives in the basement nowadays).. there are also so many people who have puppies to 'rehome' for $400 rehoming fees and really don't want to directly support backyard breeders either (it's infuriating though as rescue puppies cost as much and there's SO MUCH RED TAPE).

Both my dogs were rescued as puppies. I'm just not sure I have it in me right now to go through all the process again, that's why Craigslist was tempting. Has anyone adopted a dog from there? I have friends who paid $200 for a puppy that had to be rehomed (puppy buyer regret) and had a great experience, but I don't know more about older dogs.

Anyway, just looking for experience and advice. She does like being around other dogs and I would like another dog she can play with (instead of pestering our old one), but obviously I wouldn't mind having another dog either.
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