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I think this largely is a decision only you can make based on the temperament of your dogs. I have a couple thoughts for you to consider

-There's a saying that males fight for breeding rights, bitches fight for breathing rights

-You don't necessarily have to make any decisions immediately. You could see how things go and then go from there. Intact males can live together, depending on the individual dogs.

-Most people will spay their females once they are done developing as there are some health concerns for intact females (pyometra being a scary one of them). So you would only have to manage having an intact male and female for a short time.

-From owning a Great Pyrenees who read the book about how to be a Pyr, it's true that females can have issues with other female dogs. My Pyr was spayed and she was starting fights with our other female up until we had to put her down, often drawing blood. Our other dog never instigated and never fought back. But our female Pyr was super dominant towards her - if she cried because someone stepped on her tail or paw, our Pyr would race over and pick a fight. Conversely, she never had a problem with our small, intact male dog, who often times was outright rude to her.

Do with that what you will - you know your dogs best.
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