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Active Breed Owners...how much do you feed?

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I have a very active 1 year old Vizsla, and I feel like I am feeding him more than he needs possibly? We initially fed him 2 cups twice a day, but have increased to 2.5-3 cups twice a day. We feed him Innova food which I know is rich. This is quite a bit more than recommended on the bag. He just seemed like he was still hungry after feeding him 2 cups twice a day. He was always looking around for something to eat (unfortunately pooh included) when he was outside. We figured we would increase the amount. He did weigh around 45 lbs., and now he is up to 48. He looks good, but I don't want to over feed him. He does have large stools though. Am I over feeding him?

Thoughts from others that have active larger breeds. I did search the forums, but it seemed that most posts were for puppies and smaller breeds.

Also, any others feed Evo? Thinking about trying that out b/c I have read so much good stuff.
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My boys each eat about 4 1/2 to 5 cups of Taste of the wild each day. Oliver a little less then Carsten. They are maintaining their weight very well. My little girl Lulu used to eat close to 6 cups daily and maintain her weight. She was a Border Collie in a Rottwieler suit. She would go, go, go all the time. It certainly depends on activity level. Your dog looks fine though, not thin at all from what I can see.
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