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Active Breed Owners...how much do you feed?

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I have a very active 1 year old Vizsla, and I feel like I am feeding him more than he needs possibly? We initially fed him 2 cups twice a day, but have increased to 2.5-3 cups twice a day. We feed him Innova food which I know is rich. This is quite a bit more than recommended on the bag. He just seemed like he was still hungry after feeding him 2 cups twice a day. He was always looking around for something to eat (unfortunately pooh included) when he was outside. We figured we would increase the amount. He did weigh around 45 lbs., and now he is up to 48. He looks good, but I don't want to over feed him. He does have large stools though. Am I over feeding him?

Thoughts from others that have active larger breeds. I did search the forums, but it seemed that most posts were for puppies and smaller breeds.

Also, any others feed Evo? Thinking about trying that out b/c I have read so much good stuff.
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Hello JTM
I breed V's and have 5 in my home. They are a very complex breed for sure. 5-6 cups would not work for my stud dog as he is from Hungary and weighs 64lb- Having said that I have others that dont eat nearly that much. During really active times they can lose lbs quick. You might try to increase the fat in the feed and see if you can feed less. I feed a 30/20 purina pro performance sport and it really works nicely for my dogs.
Aside from all the advice and information just watch the dogs ribs- if the rib cage is really pronounced then add groceries- when you find what keeps them covered you know you have the right mix. You will also not realize what your viszla is going to look like till he or she is at least 2 to 2 1/2. Thats when they really fill out and get to there playing weight so to speak.
The beggin and poor hungry me look is in every viszla no matter where when what or how feed;)

Good Luck
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