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5 days? I couldn't get kabota off the couch at 5 days.

All rescues take some time to settle in, even rescues from good homes take 6 weeks. An abused/neglected dog can take much longer. I didn't start seeing Kabota's true nature (playful and crazy) until 6 months. That was 2 months ago and he's still surprising me regularly.

So calm down. Work on building a relationship. Click and treat small things like responding to his name or looking at you. Start and end training sessions with something you know he can do, even if it's just responding to his name. Keep sessions short.

Look outside the session, too. He sits, right? Click and treat when he does it on his own. Eventually, you can add in the word. This is essentially how I taught kabota to retrieve. Yesterday, he started playing fetch of his own accord. Today, he invited me to play. I'd given up on fetch months ago.

As for your wife, I'm much better with dogs than with people. Dogs make sense.
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