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Absolutely Useless New breed Thread

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Just had to dump this on DF. Lady dropped dog off for boarding yesterday and I was told it's a Brindle Lab:eek:. Well she was half right as it was brindle colored, I went no further as it was really none of my business.:cool:
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Well, I recall a very long and informative thread on the HRC forum about brindle Labs (and other color anomalies). I don't know whether a consensus was ever reached, but some had made a good case for the possibility, at least. It's not a subject I'm able to follow for long...because I just don't care that much.
I haven't seen a "silver Lab" that didn't look like Weimador. I haven't seen them all...I'm just sayin'.
Here's a good site on the silver lab debate.
Here is another take on the Silver Lab controversy:


I'll admit I am not qualified to opine on the relative merits of the articles, but it is well established that "silver" Labs were unheard of until about the 1950s. I've also read that this may have come about as a result of the introduction of Norwegian Elkhound blood into the breed. I dunno.

If the interbreeding occurred 60 years ago, then "silver" Labs should be considered purebred (I think). On the other hand, I have a generally low opinion of breeders who select primarily for traits like unusual color, extreme size, & etc....especially if they charge exorbitant rates for dogs that have no working titles and don't even meet the breed standard.

My 2¢.
1 - 3 of 42 Posts
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