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Absolutely Useless New breed Thread

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Just had to dump this on DF. Lady dropped dog off for boarding yesterday and I was told it's a Brindle Lab:eek:. Well she was half right as it was brindle colored, I went no further as it was really none of my business.:cool:
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I once came across someone who said they had a "silver lab"... it looked exactly like a Weim to me... and not just from colour, but this pup's entire body structure screamed Weim to me.

That link about mismarked labs was interesting. I've heard of yellows appearing with black spots but I'd never heard of all the others. I have to admit, I think the "mosaic" ones are kina neat!
Hmmm... thanks, marsha=whitie, that link was interesting. I never knew that Silver labs were "legit". However, this person I encountered said they got the dog from a breeder who was breeding FOR silver labs, and this pup looked an awful lot like a Weim rather than a lab. :confused:

I'm sure there are lab breeders who get purebred silvers, but I also wouldn't doubt there are some not so good breeders who are adding in a bit of weim in the mix so they can jack up the price and call their dogs "rare".
1 - 2 of 42 Posts
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