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In May my friend found a lair of little Pekingese puppies that were the size of mice, he fed them and grew them to a size reasonable for adopting. So, I adopted one, it is not a 100% pure Pekingese, a mix between Tibetian Spaniel and Pekingese.
So, as a fairly newbie when it comes to raising a dog (but I wanted one for so long) I took advice from fairly experienced people when it comes to raising a dog, gave him nothing but love, but as I was at work, my wife and my mom (who loves the dog even though she never liked dogs) spoiled the puppy so he wouldnt eat dog food. Only people food.
But that is not the real issue. The real issue is that this pup is extremely aggressive when it comes to anyone, even me, his playing time is nothing but biting and trying to fight anyone and anything. I tried to stop it using toys, but he always seemed to be more interested in biting on my hand rather than toys. I hoped the biting will stop when his little teeth grew, but still, at 7 months of age, he bites, even though all of his new teeth grew a month ago.
As usual, as an owner, I didn't really have an issue with this, if he bites me a lil, I dont really care. But an issue arised yesterday when my little nephew arrived. We decided to walk Simba (dogs name) and Simba almost choked on his string because he wanted to attack my niece. I am scared that he might attack another person while walking him. Or even choke himself while I am walking him.
Another thing I want to add is that he is completely fearless. Not affraid of bigger dogs, not affraid of cars, not affraid of people.
Now, what should I do? Should I castrate him? Would that make him a bit more calm? I really need help here. Thanks to everyone in advance.
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