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A Triumph ruined by rude idiots!

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We hit a high in our training today.

and sometimes when this happens I walk her by the McDonalds down the street and buy her one of those dollar burgers as a reward...

I've done this quite often in the past six months.

and suddenly...its not allowed.

the moron they call a manager kept referring to me as "Lady" and tells me "dogs aren't allowed"

She wasn't inside the building. She wasn't bothering anyone. I've done this soooo many times...WTH HASN'T ANYONE SAID ANYTHING TO ME BEFORE??!!!!

not only that...but I've seen people sitting outside with their dogs many many many times.


im sooooo pissed off. :mad:
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Wait a minute?!
You were outside? and they didnt let you order a burger?! WTF! I dont understand... that is ridiculous. Where did you place the order? Through the window?

Wait, your dog wasn't even inside the restaurant and they refused to sell you a burger?!

Time to switch to Burger King. =P
Sounds to me like a "Manager" just trying to seem like a big shot, like security guards who couldn't cut it as cops so they have a chip on their shoulders.
Ugh, I hate being called lady, girl, or anything similar. To me it's just disrespectful.

I have a question though, if you weren't taking her inside then where exactly was she that wasn't allowed? Was it one of those McDonald's that has the outside 'patio' areas or something?
she was outside with my friend.

I went inside to order. and they were like "Lady No Dogs allowed. Ever."

that...is bs.

on the brightside..


gonna have to give that CGC another shot soon...

Ugh, I hate being called lady, girl, or anything similar. To me it's just disrespectful.

I have a question though, if you weren't taking her inside then where exactly was she that wasn't allowed? Was it one of those McDonald's that has the outside 'patio' areas or something?
apparently dogs aren't allowed on the property..*growls* which is garbage because i've brought her there before many many times...a couple times employees there have brought out water for her.

im suspecting breedism. I don't want to just howl that out but it really looks like it.
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That doesn't really make sense. If she wasn't in the building or around the patrons then they really have no reason to suddenly enforce a 'no dog' rule on you. I've never heard of any business even enforcing their no dog policy outside the building/eating area. Usually parking lots are exempt from that kind of thing - hence why people are able to leave their dogs in the car and all that.

None the less, kudos on the positive steps in training!

Edit: Yeah, I wondered about that too. I hate jumping right to that kind of thing but given the circumstances it seems likely.
What?????!!!!....are there any signs posted??....I have never heard that ..I see people up at our MD all the time w/dogs.....I wonder if they had an incident recently w/a dog?......sucks :(....but kudos to Bolo for the friendly snif!

Gosh just today at lunch w/the girls from work we were sitting out side of starbucks/noodle co/chipolte...and there were 5 dogs.....( it was not pretty)...I have a new found understanding for the issue w/service dogs and people taking advantage :eek:
I would be calling up headquarters an making a HUGE complaint. That is BS. If you took Bolo inside then yes I could understand, but if she is outside? WTF?

Call ad file a complaint. There should be a number on the receipt or find the head quarters number and give them a ring.

Also make sure to add that you felt insulted by being referred to as "lady" And the manager was extremely rude
Could be a new manager who hasn't seen that you brought the dog in before? Unfortunately, places like that have a lot of turnover so eventually the people who were there before (who may have tolerated the dog) will be gone and new people will take their place. Maybe the previous people didn't mind bending hte rules, didn't know them, didn't care, thought it was no biggie. The newer people may be worried abotu stuff like insurance (even though you know your dog is safe they do not and their insurance may not cover claims if something where to happen and they get sued).

Honestly, unless you've seen this manager before and she allowed it before, I'd say it is most likely just different person enforcing rules more strictly. I know that when I cashier I actually do try to verify signatures but since so few cashiers actually do that some people get really pissed cause they think I'm the one not doing my job right since no one else actually bothers to actually check like they are supposed to. Though I do think it's silly to not allow the dog outside. I've yet to encounter a problem with having my dog outside a store (or rather a store who has an issue with it. Though I don't have a breed that has a bad rep so don't know if that means I'm less likely to have this kind of issue).
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Good grief, I take my dogs To McDonald's when going to the drive through to buy them a plain burger, and NEVER have they said anything (except to oooh and aaah over the purdy poodles).
My mom used to take our Rottie to Burger King for a burger all the time. Nobody there had a problem with her being outside.
That is such crap. I could certainly understand not letting dogs inside the restaurant but prohibiting them outside too? Bunch of crap, I say!

I tend not to trust folks that don't like dogs...
I would be contacting the headquarters and at least asking what their policy is concerning dogs outside the restaurant. Explain the situation and do mention the manager's rudeness. I've taken dogs through McDonalds drivethrus and up outside walkup window many many times in various parts of the coutry and never had a problem.

In fact a few years ago one of the Westminster Group winners had her puppies born while waiting in line at a Mcdonald's drive through.
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