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So since I've gotten my license, I'm starting to take my dogs more places than I could before. Last sunday it was a long hike with Diesel, and today I decided it should be Aleu's turn.
There's two large, conjoined little league fields in my town, and I've seen pictures of other people with their dogs down there... so I went, checked the fence. Everything is absolutely solid o-o The fence has a tube around the top which would make climbing difficult -giving me enough time to get to her-, the fence is about 10' high AND buried so there and there no breaks, no little spaces that can be wedged out of... Which, for a husky owner, means fun times all around. I packed a bag and took along squeakies, a frisbee, chewies. I figured she and I would have a great day -as she's never been loose in a space this large before.
Get down there, both fields are filled up with grown men .-. Trying to make the best of it, I took her walking around the track. Well, that didn't last because another dog (looked to be a malinois) decided that 50' was just too close. I didn't want to end up rushing my dog to the vet. So we left.
We're back home again and I'm trying to figure out something for us to do before 8:00 -.-' Our town is amazingly boring.
Because she's all pretty and clean and white, I refuse to let her go back out until I've paraded her around somewhere. We're going to try the fields again tomorrow. Hopefully the regulars will all be in school/at work.

These pictures were taken with a webcam, so forgive their quality.

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