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A small (neat!) observation

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While playing with Nugget today, we were switching between fetch and basic obedience commands. She always looks me in the eye when we're playing, so when I told her "drop it", I saw her pupils shrink a little, then dilate to normal as she dropped the toy.

It was neat, like she was registering what I said.
(Unrelated, but I'm going to start teaching commands with fruit/vegetable names!)

Have you noticed your dogs' eyes shrink/dilate when you tell them a command?
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My dog's eyes dilate significantly when I play tug with him; he will also give me what looks like a whale eye (an anxiety signal) if I 'let' him win and won't take the tug toy back to continue.

His pupils don't change when I ask him to Sit or Down, but they don't afterwards, as if in anticipation for the cue.
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