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I've been a member for a long time but haven't really posted. My last post was about the passing of my red siberian husky and in June I lost the older of the two, my black and white.

I had become pretty depressed after losing both of them and breeder friends of mine were looking to place one of their yearling dogs so they could keep a puppy from their current litter. We offered to be a guardian home until the "perfect" home was found in the hopes that this would also get me back on some kind of routine. Pretty sure we've become the permanent home! So, we welcomed a Silken Windhound named Pushy! View attachment 265263
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A herdy puppy raised among racey puppies
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^this is a cat bed...

I had also been talking to a Tervuren breeder for a puppy potentially in the future. Everything was very much up in the air but as luck would have it, they had a puppy available and thought that we would be the perfect home for him! So, in early August we welcomed Coyote Run Limited Edition "Ares" (but really everyone calls him Waffles because on paper that's what I have his name as)!
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