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A Self-Introduction.

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Hello, Dog Forums members.

My pen-name, as you can see, is Itanu-Ryarod. I found this site while asking Google to do a search for me on "dog-training forums".

In all honesty, my main reason for being here for the present is seeking advice in how to guide my dog into some good habits. She's an adopted shelter dog, and only my second, so the challenges are many. I hope that my rather focused goal field at the moment doesn't preclude my being allowed to post here.

I don't have much of anything, really, to contribute, I'm afraid. For what it's worth, I do give you my word that I have read Forum rules (and will go over them again), and do not intend to advertise here (just as well; I don't have anything to advertise), nor treat this place as a stand-in for professional veterinary care (we have a designated veterinarian), and I certainly don't intend to do anything vulgar, nor seek anything violent here.

I'm just a guy who needs help from experienced dog care-takers. I really hope I won't be a bother, and I'll try not to be. I apologize in advance if I fail in this endeavor.

To anyone who might be reading this, I thank you for your time and patience in doing so. I hope I haven't bored or upset you terribly.
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Welcome to the forum! There is a wealth of knowledge here so don't hesitate to ask for advice on any training issues you may have.
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