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My English Springer Spaniel had an infection of her front left paw. After treatment to clear the infection they removed P1 and P2 of her outermost phalanges, leaving the one closest to her paw.

Everything looks good, just a few broken stitches remaining with no sign of infection or discharge.


She's had her foot wrapped for 3 weeks and now looks great however she licks (not chews) her foot. The problem is that in 6 months I'm sure it will all be fully healed but I know if having a cone on her head for months and months is necessary. Yes, my vet isn't around, yes coronavirus. Again this isn't an emergency situation with an immediate need, but one of "what did you do or see with something like this" because she'll always want to lick at least initially.

BTW I found that a waterproof bootie is wonderful for keeping her paw protected outside when she needs to do her business.

Pic of said foot.

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Use the cone. Give the dog a break from the cone when you can watch and interrupt any licking. Another option instead of the cone is the bootie. Would the dog wear the bootie full time?

BTW, no need to panic because of the coronavirus. Just use your head. Cover your sneeze or cough, wash your hands and stay home when ill. Otherwise, be mindful of common touch points (elevator buttons, handrails, door knobs/pulls.....) and use discretion with social distance.
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