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A puppy when you work full-time?

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Hello everyone,

Im not a new dog owner as I currently have a female Corgi, but I got her when she was 6 so she was already trained and house broken and everything. Im hoping to get a puppy within the next few months but it will be my first time with a puppy. My main question is, how do you guys do it- with potty training and everything, when you work out of the home. I work 5 days a week so Im not sure how I would work it out with trying to raise a puppy. Any ideas would be great.

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What most people do is take the puppy to potty before they leave, and either come home half way through the day to let it out, or have someone (a family member, neighbor or friend) let them out, and then again when they come home.. It's not -ideal- to get a puppy when you work full time, but many many people do it successfully :)
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