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A puppy when you work full-time?

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Hello everyone,

Im not a new dog owner as I currently have a female Corgi, but I got her when she was 6 so she was already trained and house broken and everything. Im hoping to get a puppy within the next few months but it will be my first time with a puppy. My main question is, how do you guys do it- with potty training and everything, when you work out of the home. I work 5 days a week so Im not sure how I would work it out with trying to raise a puppy. Any ideas would be great.

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Yeah.. if you work full time and YOU are the one meant to train the new puppy, it won't work at all.

How many hours are you away? is there someone else in the house who could train the pup, even if it's YOUR responsability?
If you don't have someone else at home... what do you do to your corgi when you are away?

Have you started to think what breed of pup do you want, or if you are going to rescue?

If you work that much, 5 days a week, for say an 8 hour run, i'd pass on the pup.
Or you can wait and get the pup when you are on long vacations, have it trained in that time and have it ready to be able to be left home alone 4 hours, then you come home, feed, let him/her out of the crate, play a bit, go back to work, and them come home in the night to repeat the process.
That would be every single day, except weekends.
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