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I popped out so small and wet,
My mummy licked me all over ill never forget.

I loved her so and all my littler mates,
We grew together and started eating off plates.

We wagged our tails when we saw our human leader,
then off in a crate I left my Breeder.

Flying high in the sky in a jumbo jet, the sound hurt my ears,
And when the cage opened there was some one who cares.

I learnt lots like how to sit and stay,
it and was fun to be hugged and play.

My new mummy was really cool.
and once I was so proud when she took me to school.

All of the kids loved patting me,
I was so happy fulled with Glee.

One morning I awoke to a quick piddle out side and a pat,
then off in a crate on my favorite Matt.

In the truck we drove for a long time,
I knew that everything had changed it was no longer fine.

Being dropped off in a new home,
I sat in the wash house all alone.

Then I went outside held by the scruff of my neck,
and thrown in a cage I thought what the heck.

Another dog that shared my run,
Bullied me and hurt me it wasn't much fun.

I couldn't get away he was there in my cage,
I waited everyday for my food at that stage.

I hadn't had affection I hated each day.
I wondered what I did wrong to be sent away.

Then my new owner put me in a cardboard box,
I sat in there with dirty old socks.

The lid was shut tight I couldn't get out,
and when I tried he would shout.

I felt sad and scared what was wrong with me,
When I got out of the box all I could see.

Were hundreds of other dogs barking Runs,
I was put in one under the hot baking sun.

Some other dogs were taken to new places,
others were dragged off with shock on their faces.

I tried to sleep feeling totally alone,
When an old lady walked passed holding her cell phone.

She stopped and put her hand through my cage then rubbed my Fur.
My body trembled as I wanted to be hugged by her .

In a feeling of love and warmth that was the start.
she demanded the door open and held me close to her heart.

She carried me gently off to her car,
I looked deep into her brown eyes and knew we would go far.

For such along time I didnt know what was wrong with me.
I finally worked out it wasnt my fault it was my other owners you see.
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