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RELIQ (pronounced: [rel-ik]) is derived from the word “Relic” meaning ancient wisdom and updated with “IQ” to reflect the adaptation of smart technology as a new, modern solution.
The RELIQ pet line was created after discovering a special mineral found in volcanic regions. Combining this mineral with cutting edge nanotechnology enables the products to be extremely effective in cleaning pet’s skin and coat as well as follicle maintenance.
We are proud to introduce this effective and unique solution to all pet owners. At RELIQ, healthy skin and a beautiful coat is our number one priority for your pet, and we are committed to bringing you a new, revolutionary way to achieve these goals.

We would like to challenage the toughest issues in the dog grooming industry, odor control and skin problems, to demonstrate the power of the unique ingredient and science integrated in Reliq product line.
We are looking for 5 free sample testers. If your dog smells a few days after bath , or is suffering itching, hot spots, chronic skin issues. Please register you info at http://www.reliqpet.com/contact-us/ and provide your dog's pictures (including the problem area close up. send to [email protected]). We will pick five canditates and send 2x 2oz samples ASAP.
thanks for visiting Reliq Pet vendor forum !!
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