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A man & his dog action story - homemade "I Am Legend" re-edit short

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There's not too many action movies about an owner and their dog. There's "Turner & Hooch" & "K-9". But they were comedies that didn't feel extremely epic or had conjured up strong emotions.

This is a fan edited short of "I Am Legend" I came across that I wanted to share (I didn't make it). It's main goal is to be a mock trailer for a live-action adaptation of a video game called "Tokyo Jungle". It focuses on the bond between Will Smith's character and his pet German shepherd. How your furry best friend can help you survive in a recently turn-wild environment. Those who are not familiar with the game it's referencing can ignore the displayed texts that come up.
:attention:Caution: There is an intense dog fight scene, but it involves fictitious vampire/zombie-like dogs & Will Smith is forced to shoot them, but hey they're more cuckoo-bananas rabid CGI creatures than can be considered dogs. Also there's a lion attack on a deer, but it's quick & bloodless. Just keep in mind any carnage portrayed was drawn up on some software like 3DS Max or ZBrush.

The General Forum's description said it's for anything dog related. A video that makes me want to hold my dog :hug: after watching it and even makes me want to get a German shepherd, I think qualifies as dog related.

You might even want to make a bowl of popcorn before watching :pop2:.
The beginning doesn't have the dog, but you can jump to 3min 30sec for the dog part of the story.

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