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We headed to the dog park before going to agility yesterday evening. It was SO nice and we pretty much had the entire 15 acre park to ourselves! Harleigh had a blast (as usual) and after 1.5 hours of swimming/fetching, then going to agility class and really working her brain... I actually had a tired dog!

I took SO many pictures and I finally dwindled them down to this "small" amount. So here they are...

According to Harleigh... Tennis Ball + Water = Best.Thing.Ever.

Patiently waiting

She looks so graceful, I can assure you she's not.

Got tongue?

Happy girl!

Yay for muddy water!

She decided to head to the other pond in the park, so we fetched some more there.

You know how sharks jump up in the air to get their prey? I think she was channeling her inner-shark!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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